Daily Archive: September 14, 2012


Friday Jukebox: Live Blues Edition

Because I like the blues, especially live blues. Because blues goes well with bourbon. Enjoy the music, and enjoy the open thread.


LeagueCast: Values, Pluralism and Public Reason

The next episode of LeagueCast will go live this Wednesday, 19th of September, 6PM PST. We will be discussing Values, Pluralism and Public Reason. Shoot me an email at amurali284@gmail.com if you want to ...


Last Call for Drinks in DC

As a reminder, those in the DC area will be meeting at the Black Squirrel at 6:30.  At the moment there looks to be about 10 of us. First round will be on me. Everyone...


Missing Person Bleg [Updated – Found!]

The husband of one of my wife’s acquaintances has been missing for 17 hours. The police won’t yet file a missing person’s bulletin. She (the acquaintance, not my wife) has called all the local hospitals, but to...


Unordinary Gentlemen

As we know, our site name is ironic- gentlemen are anything but ordinary now. Here Andrew Gimson mourns the death of the English gentleman and its concomitant ideal of good, selfless conduct. George Bernard...