Washington DC Shindig Set!

Tod Kelly

Tod is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. He is also serves as Executive Producer and host of both the 7 Deadly Sins Show at Portland's historic Mission Theatre and 7DS: Pants On Fire! at the White Eagle Hotel & Saloon. He is  a regular inactive for Marie Claire International and the Daily Beast, and is currently writing a book on the sudden rise of exorcisms in the United States. Follow him on Twitter.

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18 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I was about to type, “None of ya’ll ever come to Austin,” and then I remembered that my internal dialogue this morning went something like, “Oh, it’s going to be nice and cool this afternoon, at only 95.” You’d have to be a fool to visit a city in the summer where 95 degrees F is considered nice and cool.Report

    • Tod Kelly in reply to Chris says:

      Actually, Austin is – along with DC and New Orleans – one of three US cities I have never been to but desperately want to visit.Report

      • Kazzy in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Austin is awesome, even in the summer. All my trips there were during the summer and, unless I was incredibly lucky, the heat seemed very dry, which I am fine with (and actually love, at times). We had a blast each and every time.

        NOLA is awesome. I had my bachelor party there and barely came back alive, but was wholly ready to get married in a way that I hadn’t been beforehand.Report

        • Kazzy in reply to Kazzy says:

          But DC…? meh.Report

          • Dan Miller in reply to Kazzy says:

            DC is a great city–if you disagree, well, your call, but you’re missing out. It’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t want to be somewhere that is.

            That said, visiting DC for the climate is probably ill-advised. Luckily you seem to be catching fall, which is one of our two nice seasons, but if you’d been just a week or two earlier you’d be in swamp-ass territory.Report

            • Tod Kelly in reply to Dan Miller says:

              “but I wouldn’t want to be somewhere that is.”

              OK, but you should at least visit Portland sometime.Report

            • Kazzy in reply to Dan Miller says:


              I had a reply typed out that subsequently disappeared. Anyway, I apologize if I insulted your city. I called the DMV area home for two years and it never stuck with me, which was partly a combination of not wanting to move there in the first place, living in a less-than-ideal spot, hating my job, the city lacking the key components I look for in a place to live, and having to visit the monuments 19,489 times because every person who came to visit just had to see them.

              But it is a great place to visit and I myself will be traveling down for the weekend. My apologies all around to anyone offended or if I put a sour note on what I know will be a great weekend.Report

        • Chris in reply to Kazzy says:

          New Orleans makes every other city in this country look boring. New Orleans also makes just about every other city in this country look safe.Report

  2. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Looking forward to it.Report

  3. Burt Likko says:

    Wish I could be there. Seriously looking at NOLA for Leaguefest 2013.Report

  4. Ryan Noonan says:

    Very excited! I will be taking this as a “you need to be punctual!” kind of thing, and so I will probably be hammered around 6pm.

    Also, that picture rules.Report

  5. Plinko says:

    This is one of those things where I said to myself ‘DC is sorta in the Southeast!’, and then I realized it’s a 10-hour drive from Atlanta. . .
    If y’all are still going around 10:30, I’ll be pouring myself a nice bit of Eagle Rare and raising my glass your way.Report

  6. Patrick Cahalan says:

    “And just like that, the Black Squirrel just became my favorite place in Washington DC.”

    We need some sort of certificate that we can distribute to Friends of The Ordinaries for times like this.Report