Daily Archive: September 10, 2012


What Progressive Conservatism Looks Like

“In a progressive country, change is constant; and the great question is not whether you should resist change, which is inevitable, but whether that change should be carried out in deference to the manners,...


The Values Voter Summit – Overture & Overview

As I noted last week, I’ll be going to Washington DC this week to cover the Values Voter Summit.  I’ll eventually look to put together a long-form article next week, but I also wanted...


Bourbon Club: Let’s Get This Party Started

Rules You don’t talk about Bourbon Club. YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT BOURBON CLUB. You’ll have one month to imbibe the selected bourbon. The bourbon should be imbibed in at least one of the three...


Austrian Utility Theory (long)

To my mind, the Austrian school’s account of utility is (1) true (2) completely different from mainstream economists’, and (3) very interesting. What follows is my attempt to explain.[1] Be warned: It’s long. You...


Washington DC Shindig Set!

  Update: Black Squirrel owner Amy Bowman is all kinds of space awesome.   Having seen this post, she shot me an email, offering us their party room and asking me to give a...

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