Daily Archive: September 5, 2012


Still Republican Kryptonite

Submitted: Bill Clinton is to Republicans as Chipper Jones is to the New York Mets. For all of his “elder statesman” status, he still knows how to embarrass your closer with a walk off...


Spot the Human Capitalists

As you may have heard, Brink Lindsey is returning to the Cato Institute. Don’t ask: I don’t have inside information. The Koch brothers—or zombie Ayn Rand, or Yaron Brook, or whatever malefic presence pulls...


What Not Getting It Looks Like

For most of the last 40 years or so, Pennsylvania has been viewed as an important swing state in Presidential elections.   Prior to 2000, it had voted with the winning Presidential candidate for...


Gooses and Gander and Whatnot

I threw in some random thoughts during the GOP’s Convention last week and thought it only fair I do the same for the Democrats.


My Summer at the Movies

Back in May I came up with a crazy plan to see a lot of movies this summer.  My list started with 19 movies, grew to 23 at one point and was scaled back...


Football Schedule Reminder

Hey, LoOG Fantasy Football players! This is your week one reminder to get your rosters updated today, before 8:30 eastern time (5:30 Pacific). For some reason that makes little sense to me, the NFL scheduled...


Falling Out of Love with Hate, a Placeholder

There are a handful of pundits whom I avoid reading. I avoid reading them because I find them so reliably infuriating that I end up saying regrettable things; or at the very least, with...


On the First Lady’s Speech

I think Tom Junod’s characterization of the First Lady’s speech is exactly right. “Republican commentators,” he writes, “spoke almost winsomely of Ann Romney’s need to humanize Mitt Romney; but no Democratic commentator could speak of the...


The Different Sorts of “Other”

It’s more than likely that the next twenty-four hours of news coverage will be about how Michelle Obama didn’t just “humanize” her husband during her DNC speech, she went on the offensive. It was...