An Open Letter To John Cole And Open Thread



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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    So I’ve got Roethlisberger as my QB, Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas as my WRs (I’m told that I’m screwing myself because they’re both Denver WRs… but they’re both getting thrown to by Manning!!!), Marshawn Lynch as my RB, Jared Cook is my TE, and I’ve got Jamaal Charles as my W/R/T which is under advisement from Fish, my Kansas City fan friend.

    Sebastian Janikowski is my kicker! GO RAIDERS!!!

    And I have San Francisco and Arizona as my defensive teams. I’m tempted to bench San Fran this week and play Arizona because San Fran is playing against Green Bay and Arizona is playing against the Seahawks. A co-worker told me that it’s better to pick and choose defenses from the pool depending on the week than to go with your defense all season unless you’ve got Baltimore or something. So I’m going to try that, unless I just really screwed myself by saying that in a place where everybody else can read it too.Report

    • Avatar Burt Likko says:

      Jay, you know you need to do something with that roster spot Jabar Gaffney is wasting, right? Or are you hoping he makes the team in Miami? Your friend is right; Jamaal Charles ought to be a nice catch.

      As for my team, Drew Brees, Malcom Floyd, Santonio Holmes, Adrian Peterson, and Jermichael Finley are a pretty strong front five. Now, if you’re not planning on using Plaxico Burress or Justin Blackmon any time soon, Mr. Jaybird, why don’tcha take a look through my running backs and let me know if there’s someone you like?

      And I think the marquee matchup this week is between the Not-so-Gentlewomen and the Partisan Warriors. The NSG’s are bringing Philip Rivers, Victor “Salsa Dancer” Cruz, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson and the formidable Houston Defense, against the PW’s similarly-impressive hookup of Tom Brady and Aaron Hernandez, and Alex Henery, who I’m looking at having a big year given Mike Vick’s perennial fragility. My pick is the Not-so-Gentlewomen, but this ought to be a lot of fun.

      …And if you never say “Go Raiders” again, it’ll still be too soon. You’re classier than that, man.Report

  2. Avatar Patrick Cahalan says:

    Couldn’t do two leagues this year, and I have the long-standing family & friends league (only person never to make the playoffs! This is our year, baby!)

    QB Philip Rivers
    RB Arian Foster
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    RB/WR Trent Richardson
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR A.J. Green
    TE Brandon Pettigrew
    D/ST 49ers D/ST
    K David Akers
    BE Shonn Greene
    BE Demaryius Thomas
    BE Vincent Jackson
    BE Jacob Tamme
    BE Robert Griffin III
    BE Steelers D/ST
    BE Titus YoungReport