Shame On Russia


Burt Likko

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Glyph says:

    This stinks. That it will (IMO) ultimately backfire on the Putin regime will be scant solace to these women for the loss of two years of their lives.Report

    • Avatar Kolohe says:

      I doubt it will backfire on Putin, this is hippie punching, Russian style.Report

    • Avatar Pyre says:

      Odds are that it will not backfire on the Putin regime. The short of it is that Putin has made Russia strong and the Russians “can finally warm themselves in the protective fist of a Caesar and I’m sure you know the word for Caesar in Russian” (paraphrased.)

      There will be a few protests over this but nothing of any consequence will happen.Report

      • Avatar Glyph says:

        Darn you guys and your fatalism attempting to extinguish any small sliver of light out of this!

        Which is very….Russian, now that I think about it.Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    Here’s hoping this rebounds hard on uncle Vlad and his pet thugs.Report

  3. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    I thought the most interesting part of the verdict was this line: “The court does find a religious hatred motive in the actions of the defendants by way of them being feminists who consider men and women to be equal.” The argument after that was fascinating because it tried to reconcile that to the fact that the Russian constitution also considers men and women to be equal.Report

  4. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    While this is an unduly harsh punishment for their publicity stunt, it does strike me as an unduly lenient punishment for their music.Report

  5. Avatar Kazzy says:

    A Tweet from a Putin supporter:

    “”No normal Russian would support these c@nts. The only ones for Pussy Riot are emigrants, fags and kikes.” Eduard Bagirov, Putin Loyalist and Blogger”Report