Friday Jukebox: 1980s Crush Edition


Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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  1. Avatar Sam says:

    I have this specific memory: NPR used to have a children’s radio show on at nights, a show that included a countdown of popular music. I think it was called Kids America. Anyway, we used to listen to it at my house when I was growing up, and I distinctly remember this song getting absolutely lodged on their top-whatever list. I also remember my father melting down after hearing it for the billionth time.Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Mike, I am truly disappointed at this omission, since you just brought her up on another thread:

  3. Avatar Kazzy says:

    I topped out at 7 in the 80s. I think I remember liking Paula Abdul, though I was probably more into that dancing cat. I had a thing for Kimmie Gibler on “Full House” and a bigger thing for Six on “Blossom”, thought I think that was the 90s. Something about whacky neighbors…Report

  4. Avatar mark boggs says:

    Tawny Kitaen (sp?), Whitney Houston (video: “I wanna dance with somebody), that Brock lady from “Weird Science”, The Cosby Show’s ne’er do well daughter, Justine Bateman on “Family Ties”Report

  5. Avatar James Hanley says:

    I’m wondering how many thousands of boys/men fell absolutely in love with Susanna Hoffs at the 2:47 mark.

    I shouldn’t cop to that on my anniversary, but, oh yeah.

    And I’m going to throw Joan Jett in here, too.Report

  6. Lita Ford….I was definitely a big fan; well chosen. Not so much Susanna Hoff, though that made me very much the exception rather than the rule. As for my favorite Go-Go, it was definitely Ms. Carlisle.

    I’m proud to say that I never fell for the charms of either Debbie Gibson or her nemesis Tiffany. However, I am less proud to say that I had a brief crush on Martika.

    Now, if we’re going to open this up to TV, the debate begins and ends with Alyssa Milano on “Who’s the Boss?” There can be no argument on this point.Report

  7. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    Holy sh*t. I just remembered I forgot Debbie Harry. The shame…Report

  8. Avatar Paul Cutlip says:

    Heart…. either of them or both… oh and another vote for Tawney Kittain (sp) I could watch that White Snake ‘Here I am again on my own’ video over and over.Report

  9. Avatar Rod says:

    Crush? Well… born in 1960, so the ’80s were my primo years from 20 to 30. Chock-ful-o-testosterone and still had my hair. (The ’80s were generally very hairy overall.) But a little old for crushes. Got married, divorced, married again, and ended the decade with my oldest daughter, born exactly 23 years ago today! (Driving down to her school to take her out to dinner tonight 🙂

    My last real crush was probably Susan Dey or maybe that chick that married Eddie Van Halen.Report

  10. Avatar mark boggs says:

    How bad is it if I preferred Jo over Blair on the Facts of Life?Report

  11. Avatar Glyph says:

    OT, but since this is a thread about music and females (so far), the Pussy Riot gals just got two years in prison.

    While I still think in the long run this will backfire against Putin (these girls will be martyrs) it’s a real shame for these women in the meantime. I doubt a Russian prison is a pleasant place to be. I wouldn’t want to spend two years in a US one.Report

  12. My wife (of 32 years yesterday) sang seriously but not professionally then. Please tell me that that counts.Report

  13. Avatar Kolohe says:

    Heck, Ms. Hoff still looks dang goodReport

  14. Avatar damon says:

    2.5 on the video. When she looks down….hot.

    Erin Grey of Buck Roger’s fame. Who wouldn’t want a chick in tight satin pants?

    Jane from the Gogo’s natch.

    Sheena Easton’s video “strut”. HmmmReport

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