Ryan the Outdoorsman

Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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13 Responses

  1. Mike Schilling says:

    an accomplished bowhunter

    Bug deal. How hard is it to outsmart a bow?Report

  2. Rtod says:


    I saw the headline and was excited to see a picture of Ryan Noonan with a crossbow.

    I’m a little disappointed.Report

  3. Pat Cahalan says:

    Bowhunters are crazy, like fly fishermen. There is nothing wrong with this sort of crazy, mind you.Report

    • Mike Dwyer in reply to Pat Cahalan says:

      Even though I do bowhunt, I don’t consider myself a bowhunter. I don’t keep my clothes outside in a garbage bag full of cedar branches or do half of the other things that are supposed to make you successful.

      For REAL crazy though, it’s waterfowl hunters. I do count myself among that crowd. Five degrees and snowing? How about we take the boat out on the river and shoot at ducks? Also, while we’re at it, bring along a stove and we’ll cook up breakfast for everyone. Ice in your beard? That’s not cause for concern…that’s awesome!Report

  4. Liberty60 says:

    And yet Ted Nugent was passed over for the veep slot?Report

  5. Stillwater says:

    His bowhunting might also attract those hooked on the Hunger Games movie, said one associate.


  6. J.L. Wall says:

    I can think of a handful of people I know who, if they were previously undecided, would in all likelihood, be pushed into the Romney column by this news. Unfortunately for the Romney campaign, they all live in Kentucky, where picking up an additional 4-5 votes will not affect anything.Report