Daily Archive: July 31, 2012


Zero Tolerance Policies Are Stupid

But, that being said, there is something monumentally more stupid that zero tolerance policies, and that’s having one, and then not following it. 


The Yardstick Case Of Pussy Riot

We begin with an amusingly bland description from the intentionally-bland wikipedia: “Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk-rock collective that stages politically provocative impromptu performances in Moscow, on subjects such as the status of women...


Discourse Failure and Why Both Sides Do It

In the comment section in Shawn Gude’s post, one of the things that came up was why economists weren’t trusted even though they are experts in their field. The thing is, it’s not just economists....


Capitalism and the Monkey Cage

Unlike monkeys, humans are capable of deserving things for morally significant reasons. These reasons go far beyond simple Pavlovian conditioning or the whims of a capricious experimenter. Humans form complex plans of all different...