Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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  1. Avatar greginak says:

    Oddly i find myself often day dreaming about doing out of season sports while doing in season sports. Last night i was on a sweet road bike ride and i thought about xc skiing this winter. I thought about what sort of training i wanted to do, which races i wanted to enter and if i would join a training group. This winter while xc skiing i certainly day dream about biking. This doesn’t bother me and doesn’t get in the way of my activities but i always find it a bit odd. But anticipation of fun is almost as good as the fun itself.

    FWIW bow hunting is impressive. I’m not a hunter but when talking to hunters its often easy to see them fall into two camps. Those who couldn’t survive for an hour off of their 4 wheeler and those who are quality outdoorsman. I’ve heard sheep hunters speak down about moose hunters. Sheep up here live way up in the craggy mountains. They can be hard to reach and you need to be in shape. Moose, well…, moose hang around in ponds and flat ground so you can drive right up to them.Report

  2. Avatar Citizen says:

    Hunting was something that my father enjoyed, it didn’t hold the same appeal to me. I have spent most of a lifetime living near the wildlife and to observe their struggle tempers my need to harvest them. Most of the hunting I do these days involves predators. With predators mostly absent the wild birds bring in considerable native seed and add bio diversity to the landscape.

    Foraging has been an unexpected delight. My grandfathers conveyed a few plants that could be consumed. As time marches on I learn a few more each year. This summer black nightshade berries were added to the menu. They taste like a mild blueberry.

    Amaranth has been added to salads. Drying the leaves of horsemint and chamomile flowers for winter tea. Buffalo gourd grows here and the melons (when picked at just the right time) taste between a cross of cucumber and watermelon.

    Sometimes when digging I come upon winecup root. Nice and sweet, they never make it to the table. Spiny hackberries had a really nice crop this year. Even in severe droughts that continue to kill the commercial crops the natural stuff marches on.Report

  3. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Interesting. Thanks, Mr. D.Report