Daily Archive: July 20, 2012


Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

At the moment of this post’s publication, in 1969, human beings began walking on the surface of the moon, for the first time — and they came home safely. That’s a pretty damn remarkable achievement,...


The Dark Knight Rises, Some Thoughts

Why do I like Nolan’s Batman movies? Why have I anticipated each one so much, taking part in their taxing spectacle with the unflinching glee of a 5 year old? Why do I lose...


A Desperate Attempt at Clarity

Tim Kowal’s post prompted some wide-ranging thoughts about what the government is entitled to. Here they are.


Batman Silly Season Weekend Open Thread

Okay. Who saw it? I haven’t seen it yet. If I loved the first two, will I love this one? I’m hoping to maybe catch it Saturday morning, maybe. Should I move it up to...