News Comes in Threes, Israeli Edition

J.L. Wall

J.L. Wall is a native Kentuckian in self-imposed exile to the Midwest, where he teaches writing to college students and over-analyzes Leonard Cohen lyrics.

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4 Responses

  1. North says:

    My own pondering, if Kadima in serious danger of dissolving from this? It’s certainly a blow to their credibility.Report

    • J.L. Wall in reply to North says:

      Kadima was already in serious danger of dissolving, or at least being effectively dissolved by the voters after the next election (which could come in several months, I’ve been hearing).

      There’s always the chance that Mofaz wanted to take a stand on THIS issue — a kind of anti-religious parties full-speed damning of torpedoes — for similar reasons to what I’m thinking about in the main post — that maybe he and Kadima will be able to salvage something from this issue by peeling off a few voters from Likud this way. But if that was the case, they got heavily out-maneuvered by Yisrael Beiteinu.Report

    • J.L. Wall in reply to North says:

      There was also some talk back in May that Kadima joining the government was the first step toward a reunion of sorts with Likud.Report

      • North in reply to J.L. Wall says:

        Fair enough on both points. They’ve been on a downward spiral ever since Sharon fell to that ten times damned stroke (has there been a more destructively placed blood clot in the last century, I suspect not).Report