Daily Archive: July 19, 2012


Democracy Symposium: A Call For Posts

We’ll be having our next LoOG symposium soon, starting on the first Monday in August (August 6). The subject will be “Democracy,” and the first question to our panelists will be, “Is liberal democracy viable?”...


A Meta-Discussion: How to sell a post?

So a few days after posting up my big pitch, I’m having a bit of trouble getting the word out further. I’ve tried sending out several waves of emails to bloggers and friends, hoping...


Emmy Nominations: 30 Rock and Mad Men?

So the Emmy nominations are in with some interesting choices, even if the roster’s overall impression conveys something of a feeling of “to be expected.” It’s been a good year in television after all,...


Libertarianism: Some Clarifications

~by James Hanley This is not a sermon; there will be no alter call at which I invite you to join the Church of the Holy Rand. This is just a response to some...


Advice for My College Freshman

My oldest daughter starts college in a few weeks. She’s going to live on campus and she’s pretty excited. I’m happy for her but sad she’s not going to be under my roof.  Because I...


Markets Are The New Culture

I do love A Bit of Fry & Laurie. This is quite a brilliant sketch, whatever you make of its politics. Maybe not quite as good as their free-market-police bit, but right up there.


Sometimes Too Much Agreement is the Worst of All

~by Anderson Tuggle The other day I came upon a rather odd—though not unusual—bill currently in our Congress: The All-American Flag Act. The AAFA requires all federal agencies to purchase American flags “made from...


News Comes in Threes, Israeli Edition

The past three days have seen three important events in Israeli politics, which, taken together, will have ramifications for American policy and the region as a whole. On Tuesday—as the title of my prior,...


The Electorate’s Priorities

I know that it’s silly season, so whenever I say anything remotely campaign related, it means I’m Objectively Pro (Whoever). Never mind that I’m strongly opposed to both of the major-party candidates. Never mind...