Daily Archive: July 13, 2012

Friday Night Jukebox

I have recently come across two groups, which are, frankly speaking, Space Awesome! Ladies and gentlemen of the league, I give you Lacuna Coil… …and Halestorm

Why I’m Writing So Much About Bain

I don’t often follow one story exclusively for more than a couple of posts, but I’ve focused on the story of Romney’s pre-2002 relationship with Bain Capital because I think it is — and...

Is It Okay to Ogle Hotties, Male and Female?

In the comments on my post on the hollowness of Seventeen magazine’s promise to avoid Photoshopping, beloved readers Tod and Will brought up some related points. Tod asks: How do we collectively, and also women specifically, square the...

The Minimal Marriage

The guys over at Bleeding-Heart Libertarians can always be relied on to post something that agrees with some of my kookier ideas.

The Penn State University Disaster

Almost Unreasonable Introduction I think that I’d like to write that almost everybody involved in the Jerry Sandusky scandal is a weapons grade asshole, that the insistence upon the superiority of a football program...