Daily Archive: July 10, 2012


Where Bain Ends And Romney Begins

Josh Marshall’s got a potentially big scoop for the 2012 campaign, one that could make Mitt Romney’s summer even hotter and longer than it’ll be for the rest of us. Democrats have put forth a concerted...


How Not to Do A Survey

So one of the hot topics on Memeorandum today is a study by a Tea-Party affiliated group called the Doctor and Patient Medical Association claiming that, as the Daily Caller’s headline proclaims, “83% of...


Nars and the Real Girls

Seventeen magazine recently patted itself on the back for responding to a petition drive led by an enterprising teenage girl, Julia Bluhm. The magazine now will present only non-Photoshopped girls in its editorial spreads and covers. This...


Obama And The Bush Tax Cuts: Once Again, With Feeling

Even before he was inaugurated, the so-called Bush Tax Cuts (BTCs) of 2001 and 2003 loomed over the Obama Presidency. On the campaign trail, Obama promised to extend the cuts for those making under...

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