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  1. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    “So in my listening to some Dubstep (which I consider research)”

    Dude – say more…?Report

  2. Avatar BradK says:

    You’ve got to give credit where it’s due, I mean these folks have really put together a tight-knit mythology. They seem to find a way to link just about anything to the Illuminati or Monarch Mind Control — the great global conspiracy.

    I particularly enjoyed the Katy Perry piece with this priceless quote:

    “…Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry…”

    I thought that was Scientology?Report

    • Avatar BradK says:

      Forgot to add: Definitely have to check out Sucker Punch now. This piece is a better marketing tool for the flick than the actual marketing by the studio. Unless of course the studio is secretly controlling VC and the exposé is really just a subliminal marketing tool. Yeah, that must be it.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        This piece is a better marketing tool for the flick than the actual marketing by the studio.

        I haven’t thought about Sucker Punch since I published that particular essay but reading about Monarch? Dang, now I want to see the movie again.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    Jaybird – though I am not super familiar with all of it (it’s one of the million splinter subgroups of electronic music out there), and though its’ closest ancestor is something called 2-step (don’t ask, I don’t really know), the best of it shares some of the atmosphere & texture of the best trip-hop & dub (think Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’) and the rhythmic complexity & dynamics of early jungle (like Goldie’s ‘Timeless’, say).

    Try Burial (anything of his, he’s a biggie and super cool)and Scuba (the one I have is called ‘Triangulation’ and I like it quite a lot).Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Massive Attack is one of my absolute favorites.

      I’ll check Burial out.Report

      • Avatar Glyph says:

        Burial released a couple extremely-limited edition songs with Massive Attack, they are personal heroes of his.


        When I first got Burial’s ‘Untrue’ I thought it was the first genuinely futuristic music I had heard in a while.Report

        • Avatar dhex says:

          burial is ridiculously good, but as far away from the wub wub wub wuwuwuwuwub as you can get. the massive attack v burial thing is great but youtube or yarr’ing is your only friend as the vinyl run ran out pretty much as it was announced.

          other choices for that sort of thing that’s not wub wub wub wuwuwuwwuwub cause i can’t stand that stuff:

          anything by kode 9 that doesn’t include the spaceape on vocals. i’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s a terrible mc. hyperdub is generally a decent label for interesting ideas along these lines.

          the bug – london zoo

          vex’d – cloud seed (the kuedo album “severant” featuring one half of the now defunct vex’d is very good, but not dubstep)

          shackleton – i’d recommend anything you can get your hands on, but the skull disco 2cd compilation is a good place to start. if you like bass, you will really like this.Report

          • Avatar Glyph says:

            Yep, not a fan of the spaceape either (though I like the handle!)

            I keep meaning to get hold of some Shackleton original productions, because I’ve really liked any remix of his that I have heard (like his Moderat ‘Rusty Nails’ remix).Report

            • Avatar dhex says:

              well he just released music for the quiet hour, which is mostly unreleased stuff. the pinch & shackleton album is good, too. he has a definite sound, very cavernous and boomy.


              he reminds me a lot of early muslimgauze as well, but that’s such a huge pool to draw from (despite his having been dead for over a decade now) i hesitate to recommend much from him.Report

              • Avatar dhex says:

                another recommendation for jaybird – clubroot. i call his music “brunch dubstep” (if you’re familiar with “brunch house” you’d get the idea). it’s pleasant, if not very challenging.Report

  4. Avatar Roger says:

    I feel Sucker Punch and Prometheus were both unfairly dismissed by the critics. Both were the type of movie which rewards repeated viewing and conflicting levels of interpretation. I actually didn’t even notice the overwhelming Christianity theme the first time I watched Prometheus.Report

    • Avatar Kazzy says:

      My problem with Sucker Punch was that so much of it seemed repetitive and gratuitous. I got it… short skirts, dragons, tarted up tweens, ninjas, robots, explosions, steampunk Nazis… every teenage boy’s wet dream. And while there seemed to be a deeper plot, exploration of it was often abandoned for most short skirts, dragons, tarted up tweens, ninjas, robots, explosions, and steampunk Nazis. Alright. I get it. But can we actually explore what the fish is going on here? And I was genuinely uncomfortable with the portrayal of the females. Halfway through, I had to pause it and check their ages on IMDB to make sure we hadn’t veered from creepy and weird into criminal.Report

      • Avatar Roger says:

        I guess I am just a total geek. I love movies with giant robot ninjas ,orcs and steam punk nazis. I didn’t notice the girls though.Report

        • Avatar Kazzy says:

          Oh, I didn’t necessarily mind those things. But do something new and creative with them. It just seemed to be the same ish over and over again. By the 4th or 5th one, I was like, “COME ON ALREADY!”Report

  5. Avatar Kimmi says:

    harumph. one wonders what sort of research this is for…
    I apparently know the guy that invented dubstep.
    He says that people don’t listen to dubstep because it sounds good…
    (though give the musicians credit for trying…)Report