Daily Archive: July 3, 2012


Sense and Sensibility

Most of you now have a pretty good idea of how I write, and what that implies for how the command center up top o’ my noggin operates. This is an example of why...



Back in 2004, NPR reported a story of an inventor, by the name of Steven Glass, who had spent the previous four years trying to get various circular saw manufacturers to put safety devices...


+1 for Digital Consumer Rights in the EU

Figured there are plenty of tech/software savvy people around the League that could weigh in and give their thoughts on this recent ruling from the European Union’s Court of Justice:


On Greyhound and Gas Cans

by Sam Wilkinson A friend of mine has suddenly learned about the downside of love. I’m bad about knowing what to say in these situations, something that shouldn’t be true of two people who...


Journalism: The Next Individual Mandate

I’ve said several times that I understand the motivation for the individual mandate tax: It aims to solve an adverse selection problem in health insurance. If we didn’t have it, more healthy people would...


If Somalia is not an option…

I got an email from Kazzy who explained to me that his hometown just *MIGHT* be the next big Libertarian thing…  

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