Daily Archive: June 22, 2012


Friday Night Jukebox: Chuck Brown Edition

Haven’t done one of these yet in my (almost) two months onboard—so here goes. Chuck Brown, as everyone should know, was The Godfather of Go-Go. He more or less singlehandedly birthed Go-Go out of an...



Germany imposes will on Greece.  Greece makes a few last ditch efforts to fight back, if only for posterity’s sake, but ultimately just gets kicked around as it goes down in flames.  Whether the...


The Real Issue with Genre Fiction

Over at the fabulous Blinded Trials, a post by Russell on post-apocalyptic post-reads led to a discussion on genre fiction. Genre fiction, as most everyone knows, has a reputation of being “dumbed down” fiction...


Coolness Isn’t Everything

Upon further reflection, I’d like to emphasize one more thing about conservatism’s uncoolness. Here goes: It should go without saying that “cool” politics and “desirable” politics don’t always overlap. Indeed, any overlap may be purely...


How to Privatize

Matt Yglesias writes: I’d love to reclaim the word “privatization” for a scenario in which the government actually privatizes something. City governments, for example, often find themselves owning vacant properties whose owners haven’t paid...

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