Daily Archive: June 7, 2012


It’s a Mad, Mad World

Since E.D. has pointed us toward Acculturated today, I figured I might point you toward its take on recent Mad Men developments, focusing on the question of what can give us happiness. I only want to...


Conservatives, pop culture, and the language of the right

So an old post at my now-basically-defunct solo politics blog about conservatives and pop culture has accidentally sparked off a pretty interesting symposium at Acculturated – a conservative blog about pop culture and society. There’s...


Out Of The Jungle

As a follow-up to my post two weeks ago about California’s jungle primary, the winners, moving on to a run-off, are incumbent Dianne Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken, the spokesperson for Autisim Speaks who earned...


Why Yes, I Do Love Life

Dramatis personae: Blaise PASCAL, no relation to present company. VOLTAIRE Louis PASTEUR A GRANDMA, who lived to a ripe old age. A HIPSTER, who died before her time. Setting: On the Islands of the...


Economic Development Subsidies

I stumbled across an old piece from the Drum Major Institute which discusses the problem of billions of dollars in incentives being given to companies in return for locating within a state and the small amount...



Fiction from Christopher Carr.