Daily Archive: June 6, 2012


On the Shadow Empire

As my old friend Colombo used to say, “There’s just one thing I don’t understand”.  Except when he said that, you knew he was about to gotcha somebody. There is one thing that I...


The Illustrated Man

My dad foisted Dandelion Wine on me when I was young and still homeschooled. It was to be, appropriately enough, the first book in my list of self-imposed summer reading. His copy was old, and...


Everybody Loses In Wisconsin

Yesterday the good people of Wisconsin went to the voting booths and struck a blow for liberty, bravely ushering in a brand new era of prosperity while sending a powerful message to Washington and...


Some Thoughts On Wisconsin

1. Part of me, of course, is sad Scott Walker won. He’s a conservative and I’m not. All things considered, I prefer when conservatives lose elections. That said, the rest (most?) of me is...

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