Daily Archive: June 2, 2012


Weekend Reading : The Meme Generation

A hat tip to Andrew Sullivan who brought Matt Labash’s fabulous article The Meme Generation to my attention.*  It’s one of those “Damn, I wish I’d written this!” kind articles, where Labash went to...


You Know Folks, Tom Is Very Clearly Right

It’s an act of calculated, petty hostility to refer to the left-of-center party in the U.S. as the “Democrat Party.” So why is it okay to call the right-of-center party “The Party of Stupid...


Gravatar Face Tool Dump

Are you tired of not having a gravatar, but don’t know what to do? My preferred solution – since going pseudonymous – has always been to have a generated-face. Over the years I have...


Mindless Diversion Bait : ‘Indie Game’ Trailer

I think I’m the only contributor at the League that isn’t a gamer.  Given a few hours on a Saturday evening, there are approximately 1,000 things I would choose to do before sitting down...

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