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Yes, yes, I know… Go ahead and gloat.


Why Can’t the Leftists Teach Their Children How to Speak?

Michael Kazin in Dissent, echoing some of my concerns in recent posts: But the meaning of liberalism gradually changed. The quarter-century of growth and low unemployment that followed the Second World War understandably muted...


Sex Scandal Extravaganza!!!

Over the weekend I posted the argument that unlike with other elected officials, in today’s modern media world we tend to pick presidents based more on “likability” than qualifications, experience or record. My Jumping-Off-Point...


What Makes a War?

In his writing on the Civil War and American slavery, Ta-Nehisi Coates frequently refers to a “war” on the slaves and/or America’s black populace.  (The violence done to slaves — or at least the...


Presuppositional Constitutionalism

Does the Constitution assume certain presuppositions on the part of those it means to govern?  If so, what are those presuppositions? I submit the answer to the first question is yes, and explain the...


What’s a Grecian Government Urn?

The situation in Greece seems to be coming to a head, with the Greek people near-united in opposition to austerity, but not apparently sufficiently united on an alternative. The mainstream left has lost ground...


You Probably Think This Blog Post Is About You

Boegiboe and I are headed to Las Vegas a little early — as in, today. While we’re there, we’ll be seeing the total eclipse of the sun. And all the fun things Vegas more...


Natural Rights, Naturally

A long, long post about my views on natural rights theory, much of it recycled from my defunct blogs. Prompted by some of Tod’s questions below.


How Thurgood Marshall Beat David Allan Coe

“We consider the underlying fallacy of the plaintiff’s argument to consist in the assumption that the enforced separation of the two races stamps the colored race with a badge of inferiority. If this be...


Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Game

Over at Forbes I have a post detailing why I think somebody needs to make a Monty Python and the Holy Grail MMORPG. I list out monsters, character classes, etc. So if you have...


Who’s the New Guy?

I. The Task: Why so awkward? Everyone who writes for The League is ordinary, but some are more ordinary than others. Some of these super-ordinary League elites asked me to provide an introductory post, on pain of not being...


Wendell Berry Studies I: Mother Nature’s Son

Wendell Berry’s recent Jefferson Lecture was not, as both his supporters and detractors have acknowledged, his finest piece of writing.  His use of the lectern to present a theory of Kentuckian animosity for all...


Talk radio, taxes, and the Bible

~by M.A. Conor P. Williams, in Conservatism Isn’t Radical—It’s “Modular”, argues that there is a certain amount of mental jiu-jitsu involved in shifting frameworks from argument to argument. An interesting test of this very case...


Minorities Now in the Majority

Recent census figures show that for the first time more than half the children born in the U.S. were minorities.


Adventures in Baby Name Charts

After reading Will’s post yesterday about baby names, I started poking around in the Social Security baby name database (which is an incredibly fun resource and might be all we get, since Republicans think...


Conservatism Isn’t Radical—It’s “Modular”

 Though the post-Lugar media tide has subsided, the American Right’s growing radicalism is still a leading theme of American political coverage. Even before Lugar’s unceremonious exit from public life, the Tea Party and other...