Friday Jukebox: Antipodean Incursion Edition


James K

James is a government policy analyst, and lives in Wellington, New Zealand. His interests including wargaming, computer gaming (especially RPGs and strategy games), Dungeons & Dragons and scepticism. No part of any of his posts or comments should be construed as the position of any part of the New Zealand government, or indeed any agency he may be associated with.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Roger says:

    Thanks James,

    She is terrific. I may just buy the album.Report

  2. Avatar aaron david says:

    I think she also does a cover of “Plain Gold Ring” from the Sing Sing studios, not bad really.Report

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    She’s talented and I wish her luck, but dear God, that Gotye song approaches Macarena levels of annoying.Report

  4. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Wow! She’s great!

    After hearing these, I can forgive her for participating in this year’s “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

    I may even get her album. Mrs. Likko and I have got a bit of a drive ahead of us today…Report

  5. Avatar Kolohe says:

    She doesn’t look at all like a hobbit. And that is a rather good thing.Report

  6. Avatar Dan Miller says:

    This is lovely. I’m adding her to my emusic “buy later” pile. Reminds me a bit of Lenka (who’s Australian).


  7. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Ooo, I like.Report