Daily Archive: May 24, 2012


On Beltway Insiders and Public Attention Spans

As a DC resident, I know that most of the sins that supposedly stem from nefarious Beltway Insiders have other, more specific causes. There’s a kernel of truth within Beltway bashing, though: people here...


On the Eve of #LeagueFest 2012

So the time has finally come. A dozen or so Gentlemen and spouses will be converging upon the City of Sin in the next 24 hours or so. Some of the more intrepid among...


Jungle Primary In The One-Party State

I filled out my absentee ballot to vote in California’s June primary yesterday. California has recently adopted a “jungle primary” law, in which all candidates from all parties appear on the primary ballot for...


“College is not for everybody”

A caller on NPR’s Talk of the Nation offered a very interesting story about whether a college degree is a sound investment.  Note the reflexive defense from Kathleen Shea Smith, a student counselor who...


Shawn Gude gets a sub-blog

Shawn’s first post at “The Safe Depository” is live. He’s been posting occasionally to the front page, and now I’ve finally set him up with his own sub-digs as well. His intro post is here.


Libertarianism in a Nutshell

I fancy meself a South Park Republican, no prig he, more likely to laugh at the ineptness of somebody trying to offend than to be offended. A Piss Christ or a Virgin Mary made...