Daily Archive: May 22, 2012


Culture is the villain

I’ve had this sort of nebulous notion that culture itself is a problem. Not any particular culture, mind you, but rather the entire concept of culture.  The exclusivity of the group over the individual....


The Oatmeal isn’t God and Alex Knapp isn’t the Devil

The Oatmeal published this, Alex Knapp took The Oatmeal to task, and The Oatmeal subsequently responded with a defense of the earlier comic. Some further tweets and hundreds of thousands of page views later...


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I’m proud to say that I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid the blow-by-blow of the Presidential horse race this year.  In fact, I’ve spent more time – a combined 5 minutes – watching...


Thoughts about the Ravi sentence

When the guilty verdict was handed down in the Dharun Ravi trial a couple of months ago, I expressed some concerns.  Like many people, including many gay rights activists and writers, I felt very...

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