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Fiction from Christopher Carr.



Yes, yes, I know… Go ahead and gloat. http://gawker.com/5912071/lbj-school-of-pubic-affairs-apologizes-after-unfortunate-typo-goes-public


Why Can’t the Leftists Teach Their Children How to Speak?

Michael Kazin in Dissent, echoing some of my concerns in recent posts: But the meaning of liberalism gradually changed. The quarter-century of growth and low unemployment that followed the Second World War understandably muted...


Sex Scandal Extravaganza!!!

Over the weekend I posted the argument that unlike with other elected officials, in today’s modern media world we tend to pick presidents based more on “likability” than qualifications, experience or record. My Jumping-Off-Point...


What Makes a War?

In his writing on the Civil War and American slavery, Ta-Nehisi Coates frequently refers to a “war” on the slaves and/or America’s black populace.  (The violence done to slaves — or at least the...


Presuppositional Constitutionalism

Does the Constitution assume certain presuppositions on the part of those it means to govern?  If so, what are those presuppositions? I submit the answer to the first question is yes, and explain the...