Who’s the New Guy?

Conor P. Williams

Conor Williams on Twitter. More background here.

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  1. Jaybird says:

    This is all well and good but I’m waiting for the Friday Jukebox before I come to a conclusion.Report

  2. Kazzy says:


    Is that John Dewey the same John Dewey who fathered the progressive education movement? If so, I’m a big fan. And had no idea he espoused on broader topics. I’ll have to check them out.Report

  3. Burt Likko says:

    Welcome aboard, Conor. We can work on polishing up the introduction later. In the meantime, do what you do.Report

  4. Tod Kelly says:


    Also, that might be the cutest baby picture ever.Report

  5. Very happy to have you aboard on a more permanent footing. Your introductory posts have been superb.Report

  6. 1) Yay! As one of the ordinary ordinaries, I’m delighted you’re here.

    2) Always glad there’s another runner around.

    3) Your kid is really cute.Report

  7. And just like that, like the wind, I’m gone. Done breaking my “stay out of the comments section, Lebowski” rule.Report

    • Erik Kain in reply to Conor P. Williams says:

      This is a tremendously good comment section, though anyone who suffers from “Someone is Wrong on the Internet” may still get heart palpitations from time to time. I definitely encourage striking up a combox conversation often. I’ve learned lots here.

      Oh, and welcome aboard officially!Report

      • I used to have the syndrome in a more pronounced state, myself. But Erik’s right about the commenters here being extraordinarily well-informed about a wide variety of issues. I know that anticipating what some of the regulars might say has led to my writing stronger posts.Report

  8. Ethan Gach says:


    Try not to make the rest of us look too bad.

    And, I was bumbling through my bookcase for one of the many unread texts sitting there (an unfortunate (fortunate?) side-effect of “must always buy books” syndrome). I ended up with a brief manifesto of Dewey’s (I think taken from a lecture series perhaps). It’s great. Perfect insight into your posts. And making me excited for your next piece.Report

  9. Kyle Cupp says:

    Welcome, sir! Drinks are on me.Report

  10. The fire of comments-section argument never goes out here. It forever smolders, ready to be rekindled by another Ron Paul or atheism post.Report

  11. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Welcome to the League! I agree with Erik on the comments. Often a lot of the real value of the League is to be found down here.Report

  12. greginak says:

    Welcome aboard.Report

  13. Pierre Corneille says:

    “Context brings forth and rules out particular elements in observation, to the degree that the pursuit of knowledge affects the content of what we know.”

    Meh, I’ve written worse.Report

  14. Ryan Noonan says:

    Another Michigander! I don’t know what Erik has done to deserve us, but welcome!Report

    • Patrick Cahalan in reply to Ryan Noonan says:

      The Californians can still take you.Report

      • Well, I only checked games from this century, but I found that this is true 60% of the time in the regular season and 66.67% of the time in bowl games:

        9/24/2011: Michigan beat San Diego State, 28-7
        8/30/2008: Michigan State lost to California, 38-31.
        1/1/2007: Michigan lost to USC (Rose Bowl), 32-18. Them Wolverines never quite got over the season-spoiling loss to Ohio State, I guess.
        9/18/2004: Michigan beat San Diego State, 24-21.
        1/1/2004: Michigan lost to USC (Rose Bowl), 28-14. Hey, it’s an honor just to go to the Rose Bowl, right?
        9/14/2002: Michigan State lost to California, 22-46.
        12/31/2001: Michigan State beat Fresno State (Silicon Valley Football Classic), 44-35.
        9/16/2000: Michigan lost to UCLA, 23-20.

        So as long as you’re not from San Diego or Fresno, yeah, Californians can take Michiganders.Report

  15. ktward says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely like reading most everyone around here, gent or lady, leftie or rightie, ordinary or otherwise. But I have to admit, I have a soft spot for midwestern progressives. The adorable baby pic doesn’t hurt.Report

  16. Murali says: