Daily Archive: May 14, 2012


A Note About Restraint

On the redoubtable Mr. Thompson’s last post, there is a counter-point to be made.  I shall now make this point, standing in for the law enforcement community. Firearm accuracy is notoriously bad in stress...



Via Balko, in 2011, German police fired a total of 85 rounds in incidents with human beings, killing 6 and injuring 15, with the majority of those rounds (49) fired solely as “warning shots,” meaning...


News of the Weird

Kodak’s bankruptcy filing includes a tidbit that reveals… something. FNORD.


Are People Googling My Moobs?

I like to keep tabs with how the site is doing in terms of traffic; not just the volume of our traffic, but where it’s coming from.  As we try to grow the site,...