The Moral High Ground

Ryan Noonan

Ryan Noonan is an economist with a small federal agency. Fields in which he considers himself reasonably well-informed: literature, college athletics, video games, food and beverage, the Supreme Court. Fields in which he considers himself an expert: none. He can be found on the Twitter or reached by email.

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3 Responses

  1. He kept on being awesome, too. He contradicted Bret Baier’s GOP talking points on health insurance; contradicted the Fox talking points by saying that the economy is improving and gas prices are dropping; and pointed out that in 2004, the GOP led the attack on same-sex couples’ rights, at the behest of Karl Rove, to help Bush Jr.’s campaign.

    I honestly don’t understand how they can keep him at that network.Report

    • Kolohe in reply to reflectionephemeral says:

      Yeah, this got talk radio (well, at least one host), all agog.Report

      • Tom Van Dyke in reply to Kolohe says:

        People should try watching Fox News for themselves rather than depending on left-leaning filters. I note the video comes from Talking Points Memo. This link

        is silly, and misunderstands Baier’s point, which would a reference to self-insureds. Neither is an EEOC edict from 2000 the same as a law or a court decision. Exec branch edicts can be wiped with the stroke of a pen. But that would be actual discussion, not this hatchet job. [I don’t mean you, Ryan, but the link.]

        [Also putting a lot of “uhs” and “ums” in the transcript to undermine Baier’s credibility and intelligence.]

        As for Andrew Napolitano’s libertarianism and pro-SSM stance, this is no surprise, except to those who get their Fox News via Media Matters. There’s far more ideological diversity on Fox than on MSNBC, and judging from Piers Morgan’s appalling non-interview with Jonah Goldberg, than on the putatively neutral CNN as well. [See also the hateful Roland Martin, who makes Hannity look like a moderate.]Report