Daily Archive: May 5, 2012


Basketball Bet: Bad Bankruptcy Barrister

Randy Harris won our NCAA pool this year and has selected me to write an article in response to this hypothetical, which I present here with minor editorial changes from what Randy sent me:...


Can a small target be easier to hit?

One of the occasional frustrations of debating policy is that it can be difficult to convey your views concisely and precisely. In the case of libertarianism one difficulty is defining exactly what you mean...


Stimulus first, austerity later

Via Alex Tabarrok, a recent study by Richard Evans, Laurence Kotiloff, and Kerk Philips at VoxEU examines the effects of long-term large-scale redistribution of young Americans’ savings to the elderly: [T]he young, because they...


I Can’t Drive 55.

I read the below tweet from Megan McArdle about middle class driving habits (under the cut) while I was riding the Long Island Railroad and a couple of minutes later a woman asked me if...

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