Daily Archive: May 1, 2012


The Morally Degenerate Sociopath’s Defense of Counter-Terrorism….

Fellow League blogger Ethan’s post about the Obama foreign policy dredges up perhaps the biggest tension point regarding Obama’s foreign policy: Counter-Terrorism policy. Somewhat coincidentally Administration Counter-Terrorism Adviser John Brennan gave a speech on...


Locke’s (somewhat Hobbesian) Second Treatise

[Note: No promises, but this post will likely make more sense if you first read my post on Hobbes’s Leviathan. There will not be an exam.] Okay, so previously, I said that the neat contrast...


Conflicting Accounts of Obama’s Foreign Policy Achievements

Andrew Sullivan wants Obamaites to more aggressively tout the President’s foreign policy achievements: “I think the Obamaites need to be more aggressive in foreign policy arguments. Obama ended one war in Iraq, dispatched Osama bin Laden...