Daily Archive: April 27, 2012

An Andy Rooney Moment

Why is it that I need to create a not-less-than-twelve-character username, consisting of at least one capital letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one punctuation symbol, and at least one number, and...

First Quarter 2012 GDP At 2.2%

News on the economy today and it’s looking increasingly like the happy surprises which characterized the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 were  aberrations.

More on Medical Marijuana

The Nick Diaz saga, which I first wrote about here, continues: He was placed under temporary suspension when a post-fight drug test revealed the presence of marijuana metabolites in his system.

Friday Jukebox

Bob. A guitar. 1970-ish.  Hanging out in a hotel room.*  Nothing else. No one else.** ‘Nuff said. Sometimes less is more.   *IIRC. **Well, except for the guy doing the recording.

Why Are These Two Things Different?

At Rortybomb (which has migrated to Next New Deal), Mike Konczal takes arguments against lower rates on student loans to task. My only question is this: Are taxes owed to the U.S. government a kind...