Daily Archive: April 19, 2012


Obama: Man Bites Dog

Mitt Romney’s a vanilla fella. There isn’t much earthshaking to say about him for good or ill; it’s his virtue, it’s his flaw. Democrats have been keeping their powder mostly dry about a rather...


It’s The Base, Stupid

Mark Kleiman thinks the recently announced decision by Gov. Romney to give the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University is a mistake: [Romney] needs to convince moderate swing voters that he’s not in...


On Faith After the Holocaust

(I promised myself I would attempt to respond to this article on Yom HaShoah.  The latter fell sooner than I thought, and no complete response, I suspect, is possible.  So with my caveat aside…)...


Tax Credits and Subsidies

My former colleague Will Wilkinson offers some insightful comments on our intuitions regarding taxes, subsidies, and fiscal policy. To wit: I think the assumption on the right is that first we work to make...

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