Happy Easter!


Tod Kelly

Tod is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. He is also serves as Executive Producer and host of both the 7 Deadly Sins Show at Portland's historic Mission Theatre and 7DS: Pants On Fire! at the White Eagle Hotel & Saloon. He is  a regular inactive for Marie Claire International and the Daily Beast, and is currently writing a book on the sudden rise of exorcisms in the United States. Follow him on Twitter.

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17 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    “Blood Orange & Basil Vodka Martinis”

    When I was a kid, we called those “screwdrivers”.Report

  2. Avatar Tom Van Dyke says:

    All I can think of here is the great Garrison Keillor Christmas controversy.  Sorry about that.  I’m sure the intention was good.Report

    • Avatar BlaiseP says:

      My sentiments on this subject go as follows:   Christmas was a glommed-on bit of syncretism adopted for the satisfaction of Saxons and Goths and other such folk who had a big winter Yule festival.   Let the merchants and the Xmas Lights Crowd have Christmas.

      Just leave the Christians Easter as a religious holiday.   We sorta adopted it from the Jewish Pesakh by way of dead reckoning but it’s ours.   The chocolate bunnies, the eggs, all that stuff is just bullshit.   I suppose we should be thankful there are no Easter Carols at the mall.

      Chez Blaise, it was brioche, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Made the dough last night, baked it this morning and took some of it around as gifts.   Buttery goodness par excellence.Report

  3. A friend left us some strawberries, so tonight I think we’re trying chamberyzettes.  And warmest wishes from our house to yours, Tod.Report

  4. Avatar Kazzy says:

    “They’re all about the candy, which being Portlandia-esque anti-high fructose corn syrup parents we never buy them except for Easter and Christmas.”
    No Halloween?Report

  5. Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

    Lately Alice can’t stop talking about birthdays.  Her friends have had a lot of them, so any festive occasion with cake and friends becomes birthday.

    We had to explain to her that yesterday, at our neighbor’s house with barbecue and cake, wasn’t a birthday.  It was a re-birthday.  I’m not sure she got it.  Of course, even Christians call it a mystery.Report

  6. Avatar North says:

    My parents said and did nothing about religion (either for or against) but we celebrated Easter and Christmas pretty traditionally. No hiding eggs, though, my siblings and I were a brutally pragmatic bunch; if we knew we needed to put in effort for an actual egg we wouldn’t have bothered. No, my parents would scatter the actual candy (chocolate eggs and jelly beans) about the house and then perform police action as two boys and a vicious little girl (no one threw an elbow like my sister) ran about collecting the bounty.

     Then one year the bounty was very scarce… only a little bit of candy was about the house that morning all of it high up in difficult to reach locations. Everyone was pretty confused until we discovered our Jack Russell Terrier “Honey”(a more inaptly named dog I’ve never known) laying on her bed having been absent mindedly left off her leash that night. She was in a poor state, bloated and groaning, but the expression of pure schadenfreude laden glee on her canine face at my siblings dismay left no doubt in any of our minds that she regretted nothing. She recovered without intervention from a vet and visibly shuddered whenever she smelled candy from that time forward.Report

  7. Avatar Plinko says:

    A Mint Julep was this year’s Easter cocktail of choice. A bit early for them, but I had bourbon and mint, so why not?Report

  8. Avatar boegiboe says:

    April cocktail of the month is up. I wouldn’t normally redirect, but Almighty Tod did specifically pay me compliment by name. (Thanks!)

    After Christmas, Easter was definitely my next favorite holiday. We usually dyed eggs leading up to the holiday. Then, we woke up Easter morning to Easter baskets with candy and always a chocolate bunny for each of us three boys. Then we hunted around either inside or outside, depending on the weather, for plastic eggs filled with candy and coins. All the chocolate was nice, but the best part was that, once the official egg hunt was over, my brothers and I would take turns playing Easter Bunny, re-hiding the empty plastic eggs for the other two. The dyed eggs were snacks and breakfasts for a few days. Ah, great times.

    Yesterday, Alice and a 2-year-old friend hunted plastic eggs at my mother’s house. They were so sweet, eventually deciding that they should always give each other the eggs they found.

    As for the religious aspect, I helped fill out the choir at a friend’s church, where he’s the music director. Handel, Bach, and other Easter favorites. I’d never done Zadok the Priest before, but it was a toughie. I’ve always found the story of Christ’s resurrection inspiring, and it was nice to be in a Christian church for their celebration. Alleluia!Report

  9. Avatar Royce Williams says:

    Seriously Tod, Patrick, & Nob, ya’ll were wearing me down and were oh so close to breaking me  Oh well, I guess my liberal conversion will have to wait.  You guys really need to go to Biloxi to prove that it is perfectly safe to hang with “The Next Generation“.  If you do and any of you are not black, BE CAREFUL, don’t get so comfortable that you fuck up and address your new found friends as “My Nigga”, and if any of you are black for God’s sake don’t do anything that would cause the brothers and sisters to think you are being “uppity”.  Take care and travel safe!Report