Daily Archive: March 26, 2012


Thoughts From Travelworld

It’s odd, really, how much travel I’ve been doing recently. I went nearly a year without any business travel and now it seems like every other day I’m away from home, in a hotel...


We also lay on guard for thee

Don’t look now, but Ontario just legalized prostitution, sweeping aside the country’s anti-prostitution laws. No word yet about whether Canadian prostitutes take Canadian Tire money.


Quick, turn on E! so we can see if he’s dating JWoww!

Color me utterly uninterested that Rick Santorum uttered a naughty word or barked at a New York Times reporter. But since it appears we have to be forced to micro-focus on such non-events during elections...


Near-Tragedies in Civillian Police Work

Two short stories: Sometime in my late 20s I was up late at my brother’s apartment with some friends. We were having an impromptu band practice and enjoying a few beers. We heard a noise...


The Hunger Games and Politics

So what did I think? The Hunger Games is about the empire of economic necessity. If you’re a human being, congratulations. You’re playing the hunger games too. Within just a few hours, you will...