Daily Archive: March 22, 2012


Coup in Mali

I don’t follow international affairs as much as some people, but I actually had been keeping an eye on Mali due to one of the candidates being a BYU-educated Mormon. Now it looks like...



We seem to be getting a bunch of spammy comments lately. This reminds me that some day, I am going to write a novel in which all of the characters are named after spam...


Plain Dumb Luck

In my perfect world, I’d have Michel Foucault’s old job: Professor of the History of Systems of Thought at the Collège de France. Here’s a bit of what I might want to teach.


Lighten Up (Or You Will Be Pun-nished)

I know it’s election year for you guys and emotions are high and tempers are short. For our own health, sanity and for the sake of the community here, I appeal to the League ...


Economic Benefits of Marriage

In 2011 Pew Charitable Trusts published an interesting study showing just who is falling out of the middle class. – Compared with married women, women who are divorced, widowed or separated are between 31 and...