Daily Archive: March 21, 2012


Stray Thoughts on This Week’s Peter Beinart To-Do

1) I don’t know why I’m writing about this tonight and not Dr. McCoy’s technophobia.  Probably because I’m a masochist at heart. 2) I haven’t read The Crisis of Zionism.  Neither the university nor...


Sad Songs

they say, so… so much. This is the saddest “sad sack” story you will ever read if you’re a sports fan.  Mets fans don’t have anything on this.  Nobody has anything on this. CLIPPER...


Confirmation Bias, Video Games, Art, and Interactivity

Mass Effect 3 was released two weeks ago today (Tuesday) and there have been a lot of little swirling dynamics when it comes to the game, consumer response, corporate response to the consumer response, and...