Daily Archive: March 19, 2012


Peyton Manning is coming to Denver Open Open Thread

Peyton Manning is coming to Denver. The story says that this means that Denver is going to trade Tim Tebow. This has “short-term solution” written all over it. Now, if they benched Tebow (and I...


Arizona buried, again, beneath a tide of snow

I’m tired of snow. I know this is true because it’s hardly snowed this winter at all until now. I took the above picture about half-way through our current storm. It was about the...


Odium Surplus/Odium Deficit

A common way to talk about crime and punishment is to liken them to debt and repayment: A crime creates a debt to society; if the criminal is caught and convicted, a just sentence...


The Silence is Deafening, but not Illuminating

Okay, don’t worry: this post is not about Rush Limbaugh or birth control pills. Alas! That stories so voluminously begun as the Chronicle of Limbaughpalooza 2012 (or Slutpocalypse Now) should come to so lame...


Road Trip with Husky

Here’s the route we took, from Augusta, out to Rock Dam County Park and Mead Lake.