Daily Archive: March 14, 2012


New ADA Guidelines Expose Pool Operators to Private Lawsuits

On Jan. 31 of this year, DOJ granted the pool industry’s call for a clarification: But it was not the answer they wanted. All 300,000 public pools in the United States must install a permanent fixed lift. The deadline for compliance is tomorrow, March 15. Call it “Poolmageddon.”


My Friends, A Conspiracy Is Afoot

Imagine, for a second, that it’s August 27, 2012, and you’re in Tampa. If you need some assistance with that, go stand in a hot shower. Or the oven. I can wait. Back? You...


“What’chu talking ’bout, Willis?”

When I was growing up there was a period when the above phrase was uttered by everyone, all the time.  I’ve seen similar things happen to, among others, “Show me the money!,” “Time to...



The other day David posted a video of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for NASA and continued space exploration. His distinct voice, his intellect and, I daresay, his race, have...


Jane Austen, philosophical psychologist

Here’s kind of an odd, but very interesting post, arguing that Jane Austen is a better moral philosopher than a writer, and she’s not a writer with much psychological insight. I think the contrast between...


Some Underwhelming Reflections on “3/11”

Sunday was the one-year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that killed 20,000 people, and I feel I kind of owe it to myself and others to share my thoughts. I haven’t really...