Daily Archive: March 8, 2012


“The Space Traders”

For those following the faux-controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s relationship with Derrick Bell, here’s a copy of Bell’s infamous short story, “The Space Traders.” As far as science fiction goes, it’s a pretty crummy read,...


Iran, Israel, And Wannabe Masters Of War

There’s a long and honorable legacy in the Jewish tradition of universalism, humanity, pacifism, and a generally forward-thinking, enlightened worldview. Of this legacy, Philip Klein of The Washington Examiner is not an heir; and...


A vendetta against BioWare?

So I have a post up at Forbes on the bizarre reaction to BioWare’s latest game, Mass Effect 3, on Metacritic. Despite glowing reviews, the user score has been hovering around 2.5. At first...


League Basketball Pool

Here’s a thought I’m having: who wants to do a League NCAA March Madness pool? Obviously we can’t gamble, but I’d be willing to talk about prizes we can give you. I was thinking something...

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