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  1. With Kucinich out of the way, Congressional Republicans finally have their chance to ram through their “smallpox for children”, “block out the sun”, and “let’s torture puppies” bills.Report

  2. Burt Likko says:

    You write that Kucinich will run for an open seat “In Washington.” Do you mean Washington County, Ohio? Or did he move his residence to Washington State?Report

  3. North says:

    Bwahaha, those damn UFO controlled Ohio Republicans ran off with his seat.Report

  4. Chad says:

    Because representing metropolitan Toledo, metropolitan Cleveland and a sliver along the northern coast should be easy. Toledo and Cleveland are basically the same, right? &*($%ing gerrymandering. As a Toledoan, I preferred to be represented by the woman whose office is down the hall from me and not by the guy from Cleveland. I imagined the people of Cleveland felt the same way about Marcy. I was surprised she won since Kucinich is also probably better known in Toeldo than Marcy is in Cleveland.

    The upside to this is that the Republicans are running Joe the Plumber as their candidate. Marcy should be able to easily swat him like a fly. I’d be a bit more afraid of some sort of ideological freak show if he was facing Kucinich.Report

    • Kimmi in reply to Chad says:

      Kucinich made such a shoddy thing out of Cleveland when he got to be mayor that it’s surprising they kept him in any capacity. (also why he’s never my candidate for president. incompetence does nobody any good)Report

    • Michael Drew in reply to Chad says:

      Come back and give us the view from Toledo from time to time as the campaign year trundles on, would you Mr. Chad?Report