Daily Archive: March 7, 2012


The World American Dysfunction Made

Military policy is one of those subjects that requires certain bona fides to discuss them with any level of sophistication.  It crosses history, sociology, military history and strategy, each of which is a serious...


Country Music and the Culture War

This was brought up in an earlier thread, but Will Wilkinson’s post on country music is worth a closer look. Wilkinson listens to country music in his car – sometimes I do, too. Sometimes...


Random Musings: Songs About Texas Edition

Various random thoughts and theories that have occurred to me of late that I may or may not be prepared to defend, but seem like they’d be fun to discuss. 1.  A thought that...



Just finished the Game Theory midterm (I did just fine).  I have the rest of the day off.  It’s 30 minutes on the road to get back to Chez C. In honor of Mr....


The Rich Buddha (Slight Return)

“The hard part of freedom is that you always have a chance of getting it wrong, which is why, we tend to point people to cheaper rather than expensive options… Buy a Columbia 34...


Trust, Standing, and Communication

The week’s “Almost All-Rush-Limbaugh” posts got me to thinking about language and the use thereof, and this of course always makes me think of Mr. Carlin (requiescat in pace).  Needless to say, this post...

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