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Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    I envision agonizing for hours over the just-right picture choice.

    Please, please, please… let us keep Off The Cuff.


  2. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    This is s stupid question, but how do we do it if we are uploading pictures from the computer and not from the internet?Report

    • Avatar Erik Kain in reply to Tod Kelly says:

      It will always be from your computer now. Download the image file onto your hard-drive. In the post, click on the add media button and upload it. Then, in the upload box (you can see the image in the above gallery) you’ll see the link – it will be an link.Report

  3. Avatar Erik Kain says:

    Oh dear god, I finally got the lightbox working…Report

  4. Avatar Ethan Gach says:

    Oh man, totally failing at this.  Where is the “Post Image” box that I’m dropping the link into?Report

  5. Avatar Michelle says:

    Wow. Go out of town for a weekend and the name and format of the place changes. Plus I miss a chance to go on and on about why I thought Limbaugh’s apology was utterly insincere. Darn!Report

    • Avatar Erik Kain in reply to Michelle says:

      Please, feel free to trash Limbaugh anywhere you like on this site. It’s open season.Report

      • Avatar Michelle in reply to Erik Kain says:

        I did manage to make a couple of comments on Tod’s other thread. Let’s just say that I’m happy his sponsors are pulling their support and hope he’s exiled to the same Internet purgatory as Beck. Haven’t heard much of anything about that guy since he and Fox parted ways and the world has been much better for his relative absence.Report

  6. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    I’ll echo my earlier remarks here — of them, I think the most important is to have a reinforcement (or a stronger establishment) of the bowler hat iconography. That will keep a degree of linkage between the format we’re moving to and the identity we’ve already established.

    And yay! for the light box.

    And I suspect we’re all going to get a little tired of the Game of Thrones trailer real soon.Report

  7. How strictly would you like like these instructions adhered to for the sub-blogs?Report

  8. E.D. thanks for all the work you’ve been putting in to give a new shine to this place, and for being so interested in and receptive to feedback. If only all editors were so engaged!Report

  9. Oh, and a thought — where the game of thrones vid currently is, we could maybe have a nice-sized picture of the bowler hat…and perhaps some positive blurbs about the League from bloggers/journos of note?

    Just throwing it out there.Report

  10. Avatar Johanna says:

    Just a few suggestions from a designer’s standpoint: The title now is not distinct enough in comparison to the rest of the page. It gets lost as it is in the same font and isn’t distinct enough in comparison to other text to attract any attention especially with the addition of images. The original look of the blog title was better.

    I encourage you to bring back the bowler hat image as it is far more visually appealing and dynamic than the hunched over old guy and will contrast better with other imagery. It also feels like without it you are losing a of bit what I think of as branding for you guys.

    Have you considered color or a different font text of the title to emphasize “The League” as opposed to the entire title? Honestly, the full title never bothered me or enticed me as a woman but I’m thinking if you are considering branding yourselves as “The League”  this would emphasize the part of the title you want to encourage, but to keep the full name as well.Report

  11. Avatar Ethan Gach says:

    The Banner needs to be rolling off the tongue of a Monty-Python-esc black and white cut out of a guy’s head wearing a bowler hat.

    And by needs, I mean that’s one possibilty.

    Also, am I the only person that feels like “Gifts of Gab” next to “Off the Cuff” feels a little crowded?Report

  12. A quibble / concern about adding pictures:  I know someone (not me, of course) who sometimes reads this blog at work, and he (or she) sometimes cuts and pastes the blog posts onto a word document to make it seem like he (or she) is doing actual work instead of reading a blog.    With pictures on the blog posts, it’s harder for him (or her) to cut and paste.

    That’s just something this person wanted me to put out there, not that it’s that big of a deal for him (or her).Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer in reply to Pierre Corneille says:


      LOL – I do the same thing but I do it so they can make a trip to the restroom with me. Then I leave them behind for my coworkers. It’s my little daily gift of high-culture.Report