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  1. Avatar David Ryan says:

    “Much of the bad rap that religion gets nowadays can be traced to a single source. From a contemporary perspective, many faiths seem to consider the physical body more as part of the problem than as part of the solution. Jokes about Muslim clothes, Christian chastity belts and holes in Jewish sheets speak to a basic concern that the body itself — not just its appetites or desires — is viewed by religion almost as an enemy. Some Christians, aware of the difficulty, have tried to combat it with something approaching a threesome-with-Jesus campaign. One’s abstinent years are presented as the divine cover charge for a lifetime of awesome God-approved sex with one’s husband or wife.

    At first blush, the connection between this situation and our failing education system is not obvious. But a closer look shows us something huge. The awkward choices confronting many American denominations help reveal the same thing as do our nationwide struggles for adequate teaching and learning. Americans have formed an unintentional cultural conspiracy against healthy bodily discipline — a skillful practice that, if popularized and made habitual at an early age, can revolutionize the way we educate ourselves and our children.” — Gym Class as Soul Craft (my title, not The Daily Callers)Report

    • Avatar Christopher Carr in reply to David Ryan says:

      There’s an interesting and nuanced overlap between that article and mine. I agree wholeheartedly with Poulos’s main idea, especially the part about Rosetta Stone mirroring “getting kids moving” campaigns. I especially liked this sentence toward the end: “It’s increasingly evident that habitual, healthful physical discipline is a component of life that people want and need in order to do as well as they’d like to in today’s world. And it’s no coincidence that this kind of discipline can help Americans resolve some of our most uncomfortable and frustrating difficulties in some of the most important areas of public and private life.”

      It reminds me of one of the main theses of The Pale King, that it is those who can maintain focused concentration in the face of overwhelming dread of boredom that rule today’s world. Report

  2. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    I just had to tell my friend I couldn’t make it to his wedding – strictly because of finances.  It’s a fucking crappy feeling.Report

  3. Avatar North says:

    Powerful article Chris, I’m rootin for you. I have no doubt in the long run your perseverence will be rewarded.Report

  4. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Again, I’ve been there. I’ve felt the diffidence approaching the computer and felt the despair at the seeming fruitlessness of sending out resumes.

    With sympathy, but not the pity you didn’t want, I assure you that it’ll happen for you eventually. However long it takes will seem like it was too long, but however long it takes is also less time than someone else had to go through it.Report

    • Avatar Christopher Carr in reply to Burt Likko says:

      You’d think we’d come up with better and faster ways to coordinate.

      I certainly don’t think it’ll never happen for me (although, many of our homeless are people it never happened for, whose safety nets ran out.), but for now I’m more interested in the process and what it means, because it’s very important to understand the process and too many of our leaders never had to.Report