Daily Archive: March 1, 2012


Self-Publishing is Over

Alan Jacobs, writing at TheAtlantic.com: [O]ne of the illusions most common to writers — an illusion that may make the long slow slog of writing possible, for many people — is that an enormous...


Please Check Out Our Junk (Mail)

On behalf of the League, we’d like to invite everyone and anyone to subscribe to our weekly update, The Retroactive Table of Contents. Each week the League publishes between thirty and forty political editorials,...


The Future of Mankind

Jason and Russell have some Big Thoughts about the future fate of mankind. And Russell beat me to making a call-out to one of the Biggest Thoughts of them all. So instead, I’ll offer...


Is Ron Paul secretly working for the Mitt Romney campaign?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the likeliest explanation is usually the most straightforward and least complex. So when rumors started surfacing last month that Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC...


Conspiracy Theorists, Start Your Engines

I’d be the world’s biggest idiot to comment on this story, but it seemed I had to mention it. I have nothing whatsoever to say, and I won’t be participating in the comment thread....

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