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A Bloggy Puttanesca

(A staple in my house since my single years, a puttanesca is a cheap, low-class pasta dish that clears out little bits of other stuff from the fridge you are trying to get rid...


Who do you like in the second?

Presuming that Mitt is indeedy the nominee, which seems to be locked in at this point… … who’s the Veep pick? I will say it’s not going to be Santorum or Newt or Perry…...


A very cautious guess about the spike in autism

The CDC yesterday released a study showing that autism rates have spiked. 1 in 88 kids are affected. What the hell is going on? People have speculated about  possible environmental cause, as the president...


Adrienne Rich: a modulated cantata.

Adrienne Rich has passed away.   Encountering Adrienne Rich’s poems was a revelation.   Here was a feminist of a different sort, one who spoke to a young man like me in a voice wise and...


I don’t know what your healthcare costs

… and I’ll bet your doctor doesn’t, either. Okay, that’s is a bit of an overstatement.  I know what my little bit of my patients’ healthcare costs are.  I know what my practice charges...

My Quick Take on The Martin-Zimmerman Incident

  This is mostly a “clearing the deck” post. I realized earlier today that I have not participated in most of the discussions regarding what happened in Sanford, and so here it is: I...


Looking for Small Comforts in the Suburbs

The older I get the more I love the suburbs, or in our case the exurbs. I like the immediacy of all the amenities we need in one direction and the closeness of our...


Timothy Sandefur at PLF

My friend Timothy Sandefur just happens to be one of the country’s leading libertarian public-interest attorneys. He’s doing some great work explaining and commenting on the Obamacare case at the Pacific Legal Foundation’s blog....


Jay Nordlinger Doesn’t Care About Black People

Contrary to what I imagine every non-wingnut first thought upon reading it, this piece was not actually written by Stephen Colbert [emphasis mine]: Every once in a while, something will happen that makes me think, “Oh,...


Enhanced Pat-Down

My deposition ended in just enough time for me to catch an earlier flight back home than scheduled. But my suit today has all the metal parts: suspenders and tie bar and cuff links...


6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

  Since my last we completed the topside planking on both hulls.  It makes for a very pretty picture.


Mad Men Season Five Premiere Open Thread

According to Wikipedia (to which I had to turn to figure out when we were), Mad Men is, in the wake of a 1966 Kentucky-Duke all-white Final Four bout to play Texas Western and...


The Secret Hearts of Politicians

Rojas spots a fun little contradiction: *If you believe that Barack Obama has spent the last decade hiding his secret beliefs on the subject of religion, and that his public stance on the matter...

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