Daily Archive: February 25, 2012


The 14th Amendment vs. Plato

Did the ratification of the 14th Amendment in the 19th century abolish “traditional” morality in the 21st? Yes, says a growing body of judicial review. District Judge Jeffrey White’s opinion in Golinski v. United...


Dear Governor: I Am Well Qualified For This Position

At Outside the Beltway, Doug Mataconis points us to a governmental job for which the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages is not only not a problem, but a job requirement. Almost makes me want...


Roleplaying, Policymaking and Game Masters….

Hello dear readers. Having taken a detour into state formation in fantasy worlds, I’m now going to bring fantasy into policy making. Perhaps a week or so ago, I noticed that Sully brought up...


Saturday Blognado: Taxes and Welfare

This post is something of a coda to my Tuesday post on taxes, this time taken from the other direction. The most common objection to welfare system is that it discourages work, leading to protracted welfare dependency.  This can...

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