Daily Archive: February 16, 2012



As we got closer and closer there was a lot of ruminating on the best way to turn the hulls. In the end we went old-school. A bunch of old tires Corrigan’s was happy...


A poll for the times

Jack Gillis has a poll on religion, which seems appropriate for the current debate, over at his Newsvine blog. Check it out if you have a minute.


Access & Freedom of Conscience

If I had thought about it, I would have written the following back on Opposite Day: In Roe v Wade, the right of privacy – and that of a woman over her own body...


Forbes Update

So, some good news on the commenting front at Forbes. Today marks the first day that the site will allow social logins. That means if you’d like to comment on any Forbes blog including...


Update on Carolina Lunch Box Story

Please be aware of an important update to my post yesterday on the Carolina Lunch Box story.  I have placed the update at the end of that post.


Some thoughts on recent issues…

I’ve not been pulling my weight in posts for a while and ideas have been running around in my head. So, instead of writing 3 separate posts, I will combine stuff into 1. So...


Pew Poll: Obama vs. the Bishops

Among Catholics who have heard about the issue: 55% favor exemptions from HHS directive 39% don’t Protestants: 51% yes 39% no All voters: 48% yes 44% no Quick Analysis: This is not a non-issue.


Changing a Trumwill’s Mind: HHS Edition

When the discussion over the HHS mandate started, I was more-or-less on the fence. If I leaned in either direction, it was against applying the mandate to the church. Over the course of the...