Daily Archive: February 11, 2012


Nobel Peace Prize Jury Faces Formal Inquiry

Read the story here. Here’s the paragraph that would make clicking through worthwhile, if you’re still undecided: If the Stockholm County Administrative Board, which supervises foundations in Sweden’s capital, finds that prize founder Alfred...


Contraception, Catholics, Compulsion, and Compelling Interests

There’s been quite a bit of discussion recently about the Obama Administration’s manner of implementing provisions of the Affordable Care Act by requiring that employer-funded healthcare plans include contraception. By now, every Reader here...


Pondering Positive Rights

In light of some of the responses to the League’s constitutional convention, I’ve been doing some thinking on the subject of so-called positive rights and want to take the pulse of readers here.  To...


Leaguefest: A Preview

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. “Why is Burt, of all people, not commenting on the Constitutional Amendment thread? He loves that sort of stuff!” And I do. But as it happened, my...

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