Pull Up a Chair Y’all


Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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  1. Avatar BSK says:

    Hey Mike-
    I don’t know you well. Which of those establishments are you connected with? Or just the city as a whole? Regardless, congrats!Report

  2. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    BSK – I’m just a shameless cheerleader for my hometown.Report

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    I remember being in Louisville once, and stopping at a Waffle House. I could see another Waffle House from that Waffle House. I’ve always assumed that was what Louisville cuisine was line.

    I kid. I lived in Lexington for 5 years, and passed through Louisville a lot on the way to Chicago or Bloomington. I know they don’t just have Waffle Houses. They also have IHOPs.Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

      IHOP is a recent addition but we definitely have our share of Waffle Houses.Report

    • Avatar James Hanley says:

      I could see another Waffle House from that Waffle House.

      It’s the Starbucks of waffle joints.Report

      • Avatar Chris says:

        At the time, as a young, impressionable undergraduate who might have partaken of certain, let’s say mind-expanding substances on a somewhat regular basis, I and some of my friends (who also partook of such substances somewhat regularly), had developed a strange… reverence for the Waffle House of the scattered, smothered, and covered hashbrowns. Having two Waffle Houses within sight of each other was, for us, a mind-blowing and quasi-religious experience. As was the time when we saw Jim Varney (who apparently lived in Lexington, or at least owned a home there) outside of a Waffle House. That particular experience led us to the conclusion that we were meant to open our own waffle joint, which we were inspired to call The Infinite Waffle, with waffles in the shape of an infinity sign and the slogan, “Serving Your Waffle Needs Since Forever.” Yeah, yeah, like I said, mind-expanding substances.Report

  4. Avatar Plinko says:

    Speaking of, I purchased my first bottle of Buffalo Trace this weekend.

    Haven’t gotten around to a try yet, maybe I’ll raise a glass in your (town’s) honor tonight.Report

    • Avatar James Hanley says:

      Enjoy!  It’s a very nice bourbon.  I finished the last of my office bourbon (an Eagle Rare) this past weekend, and am thinking about getting a Buffalo Trace this time around.Report

      • Avatar BlaiseP says:

        I haven’t drunk browns in a while.   Think I’ll see if I can find a bottle of Buffalo Trace.   Looking it up, I realize I’ve already enjoyed a few of their fine spirits and didn’t know it.Report

  5. Avatar BlaiseP says:

    My favorite joint in Louisville KY is Palermo Viejo.

    Years ago, I used to frequent the Twig and Leaf restaurant, a greasy spoon which once had an appeal which passeth all understanding.   The last time I went in there was a tremendous disappointment.


    • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

      I like Palermo but we don’t go there often. Their sweet breads our off the hook.

      Twig and Leaf used to be a great late-night spot. it’s gone downhill since my college days.Report

      • Avatar BlaiseP says:

        Twig and Leaf was Saturday Morning Breakfast.   Get up early, roust out of the hotel room, drive down and people watch as the very last of the late night crowd left and the breakfast crowd began.   I’d walk from there to the used book store down Bardstown Road.


  6. Avatar Anne says:

    Lynn’s Paradise Cafe and lets not forget Genny’s Diner home of the FricklesReport